home page shows ONCE UPON A TIME…TWO FEET!


Veronica’s international success has taken her to more than 30 countries

with her gallery of exhilarating characters which entertain, share emotions and make both adults and children reflect.

It’s difficult to believe this show is performed by just one woman who is able to create characters and stories by using various parts of her body. Take a closer look and you will see the sole of her foot is one of her puppets!!!

The stories are told with such frenzy and the characters are so expressive that it is almost like watching a cartoon film!!!

Everybody is welcome to come and see this comical and entertaining show which speaks a universal language, capable of communicating with the whole world.

This show has been presented with great success in Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Germany, U.S.A., Canada, U.K., Brazil, Chile and Argentina…and it will certainly capture your attention too!!!

Theatre version: 1 hour

Street version 2x30 / 3x20

Performer: Veronica Gonzalez

Artistic direction by Laura Kibel