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This visual show is interpreted by two actresses and four feet!!! Veronica Gonzalez and Laura Kibel put their hands, feet and knees together to create funny characters and stories without the use of words.

Universal subjects such as love, female emancipation, poetry, and other topics are told in fast sequence using irony and comedy at an increasing but light hearted pace.

Suitable for an audience of all ages and cultures, this show has captured and surprised spectators from all over the world.

Using this extraordinary animated technique in which feet are transformed into living creatures, Laura Kibel and Veronica Gonzalez have already travelled the world as individual artists obtaining success and awards world wide.

In this new show the choreography and scripts are richer and more spectacular than ever before!!!

This show has been performed at Charleville- Mezieres 2006, Figeuro (Gand, Belgium) 2007, Tête-à-tête /Rastatt, Germany) 2008 Parade's (Nanterre, France) 2011, Mime Festival Kilkis (Greece) 2008 e 2015, Mime Festival Cyprus 2008, Bucarest Tandarica 2013, Izmir Puppet Fest (Turchia) 2014, Gavà (Spagna) 2015. 

Theatre version: 1 hour

Street version: 2x30

Performers: Laura Kibel and Veronica Gonzalez

Production: Teatro dei Piedi