"Tu si que vales"!!!


Big success in the most followed talent show in Italy!!! Show the video

New show!!!


Cooking with your feet!!! Pellegrino Artusi, the most famous italian chef interpreted by Veronica Gonzalez's feet!

America’s Got Talent!!!


I am so excited to finally announce that I auditioned for @AGT! Keep an eye out for me starting May 30th for the season premiere!


Verónica González is an eclectic artist capable of capturing the audience from the moment she appears on the stage.

Theatre, puppets, music, mime and the love of communicating with the public are her passions and they are also the essential topics of the FEET THEATRE (TEATRO DEI PIEDI)

It is unusual to see a single woman with such enthusiasm and energy fill the scene, creating bizarre characters which appear from different parts of her body: hands, feet, arms and legs. She also emits messages from her head and heart, resulting in a rare form of art which can be enjoyed by both young and old.